ADR day was a success

180 days + 10.
Got to my desktop at 4am PST and made 12 ADRs. Took me 45 minutes.
I got with-in 10 minutes of reservation times requested. (Except one. Akersus, wanted 1pm and got 12:35pm. 180days+3)
Some of the restaurants I booked were BOG, Ohana’s, Fantasmic package, ROL package, Skipper Canteen…
Wanted to book Space 220 but it is not listed yet. :frowning_face:

Next step: Redo my Touring plans and figure out what FP+ I need to book in March.


Scheduling those fastpasses will be the tricky part.

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Glad ADR day went well! Mine did too two weeks ago, I’m also prepared to change all plans for Space 220!

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