ADR day tomorrow! A few questions about BBB & CRT :-)

Hello! My ADR window opens tomorrow. I have a few questions about my biggest hopeful snag…BBB, followed by late breakfast at CRT at 180+1.

Ideally, I’m hoping for an 8am-ish appointment for BBB. For breakfast, I was thinking of trying for the last possible seating for CRT - both to allow a little give in the BBB appointment time and allow us to hopefully enjoy a quick ride or 2 between.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Will the last breakfast seating for CRT give us enough time to enjoy the “show,” or will we feel rushed? Would I be better off aiming a bit earlier, say 9:30?

2: With a BBB early appointment, will early entry be offered only to my daughter and I, or can our whole party (6 in total - including us) enter the park early of the current 9am scheduled park opening?

Any tips appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

We had a similar plan in February this year with an 8:00 am BBB, but we did the first lunch seating at CRT. We did have 3 kids doing BBB, but in our experience they allowed myself, my husband, and my parents in with no problem. They treated it like a PPO breakfast reservation and just scanned my band. I’ve never done the last breakfast seating at CRT but have done it at other character meals (Ohana, Chef Mickey). I was worried the characters would be gone before we even sat down but the CM’s assured us that wouldn’t happen. We actually found those seatings were really nice - the restaurant empties out and the characters spent more time with us and goofing around with each other. Hopefully someone who has done the last seating at CRT can chime in. Have fun!

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Thank you! I wasn’t able to get 8:00am for BBB, but I did get 8:15 with 10:05 at CRT. I think it’ll work out okay. If we can’t do anything between, I’m okay with that. :smile:

We are going to have a blast and I can’t wait! I was able to get all the reservations I wanted, within a few minutes of my “ideal” times!


Sounds perfect!! You will have so much fun :slight_smile: The early BBB goes quick and you should have plenty of time to take pictures and fit in a couple rides. My daughters wanted to ride the carousel afterwards since it’s right there - it was so magical to see them all decked out on the carousel. Glad you got everything you wanted!

We had similar timing last year. Not sure how they do it but seemed everyone was seated and then they paraded the princesses out. I’m sure it’s all timed somehow. So fun!!

We did this 3 years ago, except it was in the afternoon. We had BBB at around 3 and CRT around 5 or so. We got pictures from the couture location and then rode the carousel a few times. I think we watched Philharmagic a time or two in between.

As a dad, it was what I was looking forward to the most. I loved how it made them feel and I am sure you will too.

I can’t answer your questions except to say that I think they will let your whole party in. I’m not positive about that.

They let my family 4 total in, even though just my daughter got it done.

We did an 8:20 BBB and a 10:05 CRT (with a 9 am MK opening). I worked out great! We had time for 1 dumbo ride in between. We were told the rule was that only 2 adults (plus other kids) would be allowed to enter the park early with our daughter for the BBB.

Perfect. Thank you! I guess we will try to get the whole party in, but if it doesn’t work, they can just wait outside for an hour. I’m sire my mom would like to come in and watch… not sure about my son, brother, and husband though. :rofl: