ADR day today, limited reservations available or crazy crowded?

My ADR day was today for our trip during Jersey week and I felt that it was tougher to get ADRs than the last time I booked, which was for our cancelled trip over spring break. For example, I expected to BOG to be tough, but I could only get Teppan Edo for 4 PM. Sci Fi Diner was fully booked at +3. I guess my question is, does anyone know (or want to speculate) that reservations are limited because Disney is closed now, or is it just going to be crazy busy in November?

A bit of both I’d say.

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I would add the very likely possibility that the number of tables available has drastically reduced in order to maintain compliance with the restriction of 25% capacity to start with. Recognizing November is a long way off and hopefully that will increase, I think Disney would be wise to play close to the vest to avoid a mess of untangling if they cannot increase that capacity.


I’m not sure. I had no issues with my October ADRs a couple of weeks ago. Got everything I wanted. Sci Fi is a tough one though. That seems to be going quick.

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Are there any dining packages available in EP at that time? Would they delay opening those reservations?

Yesterday, I asked my DS18 to decide where he would like to eat during our August trip. (This is supposed to be his “senior trip”…meaning…the vacation where he gets input on what we do, etc, since he was a senior this past year!)

Anyhow, after he and his sister spent time looking over places, they narrowed it down to SciFi and Planet Hollywood. I was able to find a few reservation slots for Planet Hollywood that fit our schedule without too much trouble. SciFi, however, was another story. I wasn’t really able to find anything that would work for us.

Now, granted, we are looking a a few months out, not 180 days, and things could change. But in the meantime, we ultimately decided to just go ahead with Planet Hollywood for now. (It will be our ONE Table Service restaurant for the entire trip.)

I admittedly have a long trip that I back-loaded with our important meals, but I got everything I wanted in late-October including a bunch of character meals. I did feel like the amount of available times was reduced. Like I wanted a 10:30 at Topolino’s and there was only 10:25 and 10:40 every single day I checked. Normally I feel like I would have seen reservations available every 5 minutes.

I think Sci-Fi just has a teeny capacity on a good day. I remember it being coveted last year. There aren’t a lot of sit-downs at Hollywood Studios.

SciFi has been difficult to get for a while. I couldn’t even get a normal “dinner” time for 60+7 or 60+8 for our April trip. I set up alerts for our (cancelled) April trip and was finally able to get a 5:35.

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Sci Fi is one of the tougher ADRs even at 180.

I know Sci Fi is tough, (we’ve never been!) but full for a whole day just seems crazy to me. I never had a problem getting a decent Teppan Edo 180 days out. We had to change days for Rose and Crown for goodness sake. Anyway, I am hoping that they are limiting ADRs while they wait for what the restrictions are and it’s not that my entire state will be there that week.

Yes, it can be booked for a whole day. It just is very hard to get. I scheduled it several days out in my trip knowing it would be difficult.

I just hope I get to use my ADRs this time. I had great ones for my May trip and I was so sad when our trip was cancelled.

Interesting to hear. I also made ADRs today and chose for the first time in 5 trips not to wake up super early. I have been reading about possible issues getting what you planned so I was “worried” but I was able to get BOG for any time we wanted, Ohana and Sci Fi lunches at the perfect time. I was not able to get any Sci Fi dinner for any date for our complete party, but I have never been successful with that at my 180 day mark. I finally split up our party and was able to secure two dinners at Sci Fi - hope that can pan out ok but I’ll keep searching for a complete reservation.

My ADR date was yesterday and the only issue was Sci-Fi. We split our party of four and got 2 2-person reservations starting only 5 min apart. l was proud of myself for getting 2 PPO reservations but then again TP estimates the parks will have extra magic hours the mornings I picked so it may be moot. Would be nice if WDW started posting hours for November.

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The tables in the back of Sci Fi are for walk ups.

We were able to do a walk up during an extremely busy week in March 2017. I preferred those tables to the cars.

We are also booked for Jersey Week and had the same thought about our ADRs a few days ago. I presumed there was much less table capacity just based on the limited times that were offered for just about any meal I searched for.

Curious to see how you are feeling about going that week at this point? I feel like I change my mind daily about possibly moving the trip back to Spring 2021. It feels like a long way off, but at the same time not. :man_shrugging:

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I had a hard time getting Sci-Fi & O’Hana for our Sept trip. Was able to get both thru Reservation Finder in less than a week. I think it was 3 days actually. Definitely set it up so you get the text and be at the ready, Good Luck!

We originally re-booked for Christmas week then we came to our senses. The DW is a teacher, so we’re limited in the times we can go and we didn’t want to wait all the way until Spring Break 2021 (although we booked a trip for then, too!).

I think it’ll be fine. I’m not worried about crowds so much as the changes in the experience. We’ll cancel and just go next year if I think the precautions are too burdensome. I’m going to have fun, not think about getting sick all week.

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That’s interesting you had that experience bc my ADR day was just this past Tuesday for a Nov1-9 stay and it was the most easiest adr day Ive ever had. Everything I wanted, at right times. I admit that some of mine weren’t hard ADR’s to get but still got ppo BOG, GG and H&V, dinner for sci-fi, Artist Point, San Angel, Tony’s, Raglan Rd, Biergarten, Tusker, Liberty tree and two times at Oga’s.

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They have a few special tables that have video games built in. Last time i was there i spotted people sitting near us with them. They were in a corner booth against a wall.