ADR day next week - thoughts on order?

Hi everyone!
My ADR date is on Monday, and as we are first-timers, thought I would post what we (2 adults) are trying for and when to get some thoughts from you guys as to the best order / any other insights:

Yachtsman / Le Cellier dinner - arrival day (DH wants steak and as we are flying from overseas, want to be close to “home” - staying at YC)
Crystal Palace breakfast - 60+1
Garden Grill PPO breakfast - 60+2
Be Our Guest dinner - 60+2
Sci Fi lunch - 60+3
Oga’s (afternoon drinks) - 60+3
Yak & Yeti dinner - 60+6
Biergarten dinner - 60+7
Trattoria al Forno breakfast - 60+8 (departure day)

(60+4 and 60+5 are Universal days)

I would do your Garden Grill, Oga’s and Be Our Guest first. With your list, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble.

FWIW, I would choose Yachtsman for your arrival day. Depending on what time you arrive, as a couple (my DH and I do Disney together), I like having a nice leisurely dinner together and enjoying one of the resort areas rather feeling rushed to get to a park. We usually arrive mid afternoon so it gives us time to settle in.

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Thanks a bunch - I was definitely leaning towards the Yachtsman (it’s always nice to have independent validation) and what you describe sounds exactly like what I would want for our arrival day.

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Here’s the trick without even looking at what you have listed. Usually Ohana is very hard to get for dinner. Next is Akerus or Norway. There are others that are hard to get at the times and days you wish to get them. When your 180 days out at 0600EST, start booking online the hardest restaurants to get first and father toward the end of your vacation. People tend to book the first days of their vacation first and this gives you an advantage in picking up hard to get restaurants. Usually if your right on the 0600EST you should be able to get what you want no problem but depending on how many others have your ADR time frame is how hard it could be to get say Ohana’s on your day of choice. Hope this helps

Despite a bunch of technical mess (MDE “forgetting” me and not allowing me to log in on any browser or iPhone due to “technical difficulties”, I managed to log in on my Android and get just about everything I was hoping for other than the PPO GG breakfast…
I’l set the Res Finder and keep my fingers crossed!

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I just saw an ADR for 3 for Garden Grill before 9am on 5/18

Thanks for letting me know - I must have missed it, but am keeping an eye out!