ADR day fun!

So, it’s ADR day, so like the good boy I am I’m ready at the crack of 11am(thank God I’m in the UK, i don’t know what 6am looks like!).

So the plan is to get CRT at 180 + 10, so the 7th April. So I go to the CRT page and I can’t select any dates beyond the 5th April. I try on the app, and i can select the 7th, but then it gives me an error.

Luckily, I manage to get CRT for the 5th. I keep trying to get it to work for the 7th and somehow instead I manage to book CRT for today! Which of course I can’t then cancel because its within 24 hours.

So long story short, I end up phoning, get todays CRT cancelled with no charge (Phew!) and am told that I can’t book the 7th because those days aren’t available yet. The lady is very nice but says she doesn’t know when the dates will be released!

So, I thought I’d ask you lot. Is there a specific time the dates get released, is it a day at a time, and do I just keep checking at 11am every day? And why the hell do disney let you try to book 180 + 10 if they haven’t got those dates set up yet?

Usually they do have the days set up, except for dining packages. You could set up a TP reservation finder, then you’d get an email as soon as it became available. They only text US numbers, but I check my email a lot anyway so it wasn’t too inconvenient.