ADR day approaching - which TS meals would you skip?

Ok. Our ADR day is next week and I am trying to finalize the dining plans.

So far we have put together the list of places we would like to dine in. And, of course, the list is too long.

If you were to decide which 3 meals to skip, what would they be?

Here is what we have so far:
Arrival day - Raglan Road dinner
Day 1.
Plaza restaurant breakfast, Skipper canteen lunch.
Day 2.
Coral reef lunch, Marrakesh dinner
Day 3.
Tusker house lunch
Day 4.
T-Rex dinner
Day 5.
Akershus breakfast, Biergarten dinner
Day 6.
No ADRs. This is one of our HS days and I am not sure how things will go with all the changes in this park.
Day 7.
Yak and Yeti lunch, Boma dinner
Day 8.
Artist point dinner
Day 9.
No ADRs - HS day
Day 10.
Trail’s end brunch, HEA dessert party

Appreciate all your thoughts on this.

My 3 I’d skip. T-rex, Coral Reef, Maybe Yak and Yeti or Plaza


The rule I’ve internalized from reading here is don’t schedule TS meals too close together. Using that rule, I’d look more closely at:

I don’t have personal experience of any of the restaurants yet, but based on reviews I’d probably keep Skipper, Coral Reef and Boma, which would mean dropping Plaza, Marrakesh and Yak & Yeti.


Coral Reef, T Rex. Not sure about the 3rd, probably Plaza breakfast.


I would skip T-Rex, Coral Reef and probably Plaza.
@Steenaca makes a good point the two TS meals close together is not a great idea–breakfast and dinner could work on the same day.


I’d skip Plaza, T-Rex and probably Coral Reef


Same thought here… if you want two sit down meals, I’d do a breakfast and dinner… depends on what time your thinking.


And along those lines, if you want to keep both Yak & Yeti and Boma, you could move Boma to Day 6 or 9. if you think you’ll be done HS before dinner time.

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Yes, splitting Y&Y and Boma in two days is a good idea, as I really like both!

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Looks like most of us agree. tRex, coral reef and plaza


I would skip TRex, Plaza and Boma dinner (we had one of the worst meals of our life there even though I’I had heard good things about it)

Interesting… What made it so terrible?

I’d skip Plaza Breakfast, T-rex dinner, not sure about the third.

We like a wide variety of African food, so we were super excited to eat at Boma. We do have some allergies, so there were a few things we couldn’t try. In general, the food just wasn’t very good. Not sure if it was an off night, but several things that we have loved from other places just tasted poorly prepared. We also had a super long wait for our table (seated 45 minutes after our ADR), which made us late for the rest of our evening plans. We also had to stop for QS on our way back since we were starving after not eating much dinner.

It sort of depends on whether you’re on the dining plan and kids ages if any.

I don’t like eating back-to-back TS meals, so I would skip Plaza, Coral Reef and Y&Y.

Are you on the dining plan? I enjoyed the Plaza breakfast but it is a terrible use of a credit.

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Not to throw a wrinkle in your plan, but I went the opposite of you about SW:GE. I wanted to make ADRs on those days, so I would have a way of getting out of the crowds for a little while.

Also I have only been to three of the restaurants in your list (although many are on my current list of ADRs for my upcoming trip in October), but of those (Coral Reef, Tusker House, and Yak & Yeti), Y&Y would be the last I would cancel. That was our favorite meal (and I totally recommend getting the mango pie - it was the single best bite of my entire trip). I did not enjoy Tusker House, but that does get a lot of love here.


We are not on a dining plan, but even if we were, the restaurants choice would be more about the food quality, atmosphere and fitting well into overall plan for the day.

Now, that I have discussed the options with my Junior Planners also known as family it is getting even more complicated: kids insisting on repeating Coral Reef and T-Rex, which they have fond memories of from the first visit.

It looks like Plaza will be on the chopping block as well as Marrakesh. I think we will move Boma on one of the HS days, so we do not have two back to back ADRs.


++ @missoverexcited

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