ADR dates

I will arrive at WFW Feb. 6. The calculators show me that my ADR day will be Aug. 10. But when I play around on my MDE app it only goes up to Feb. 3 this morning which would put my ADR date on Tuesday. Is this a glitch or am I still waking up and really bad at math?

I think it may be a problem with the app. I just logged onto dining through and went to the 1st choice (50s) and I could book on February 4th.

It is the App. Please do your ADR’s at 180 days on App has been one day behind since I have had the app.

I plan to use the site. I was just confused when playing around on the app after just opening my eyes. I was trying to distract myself from the fact that I had to go to my classroom on a Saturday morning.

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Others say they have good luck with the app, but the only thing I can ever do is cancel reservations in the app.

Online wasn’t any better. I had to call in to get my 180+10. Online would only allow reservations for the 180 day mark. But I got my 8am pre-RD CP and 8am pre-RD BOG so all is magical again!

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