ADR booking time?


What is the official time that one can start booking their ADR’s at the 180 day mark?? Thank you! (I’m on the East Coast)

6 am online or 7 am by phone. Good luck!


I just made my reservations this past Tuesday. I was able to get everything I wanted within 15 minutes of the times I wanted, including BOG for lunch. It was pretty easy, but I do recommend getting your credit card info registered in the dining system before you start making your reservations, it’ll save you time!

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Good advice. I do have my card registered in the Disney site for payments, is this good enough? Thanks!

Sorry for the dumb question (first timer), how and where do I book dining?

Also what does 180+10 mean?

Hi, not dumb at all! I’ve been many times and I still have questions since I haven’t used all of the different options for booking that are available! I personally am registered with My Disney Experience on their website and i’ll be making my dining and FP+ reservations online. They also have a cool app but unfortunately my android phone won’t support it. :frowning: so I have to do it through the site link. You can call as well!

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I’m not too sure about this either, would love a reply from one of the very helpful, experienced people here! :slight_smile:

180 plus 10 means you can book adrs in advance with the following advantage. At 180 days from your check in date you can book adrs for the entire duration of your stay or if staying more than 10days for the first 10 days of your onsite reservation. You cannot book for days you are not staying onsite. If you are having a split stay you will have 2 different check in dates and 2 different 180 plus length of stay booking dates. You are not allowed to book adrs for your second hotel stay until 180 days out from that hotels check in date. Hope this makes sense .


It does! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Not a dumb question at all! Booking dining is one of those things that is SO much easier if you get tips ahead of time, my first trip I did it on my own before I found this forum and all I can say is YIKES. is where you’ll go in order to book reservations online. I searched menus and park hours for a few weeks before I booked, and had an idea which park we wanted to go to each day so I could make reservations that would make sense for where we are. (No sense in booking BOG lunch if you plan to be at DHS for the day, unless you love park hopping for a meal or are splitting park days for example.)

Have fun! I believe the card I registered on MDE is the one that is holding my reservations.

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