ADR before a Holiday Party

Can you book an ADR for say 6:30 at MK the night of a party without having purchased a holiday party ticket? Then slowly walk out of the park during the party?

Yes and no. You can book the ADR, but after the meal you will be escorted, quickly, out through one of the back stage paths parallel to Main Street.

We were there on the day of a MVMCP and they started to “heard” people out of the park at around 6:15. By 6:30 it was aggressive, and by 6:45 it was downright rude. Plus, starting at 4:00 all of the party people start coming in, so SB lines all start to grow, FPPs are completely gone, and by 6:15 MS is a gridlock. On the unlikely event that I will ever go back to the MK on a party day, I will plan on being clear of the park by 4:00…