ADR at BOG for Breakfast


We have ADR at BOG for 9:25am. My touring plan is showing that we have time to make it to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin before going to our breakfast reservation. This time frame makes me nervous and I'm not sure if we will make our reservations. What do you guys think?


I'm guessing Buzz is first, then BOG? If so, it will probably work if you're there at Rope Drop. And, you can always bail on Buzz if you get there and it doesn't look like it will work out, then re-optimize your TP while you're at BOG.


Yes, Buzz would be first followed by BOG. We plan on getting there at RD.


I would absolutely do one or two attractions before going to breakfast. The lines will be almost nonexistent during the first half hour! They aren't terribly picky about check in times for the counter service meals at BOG, so being a bit late is ok. Also, you should pre-order your food online. This will greatly speed up your entrance to the restaurant.


Thanks for the info. We have never arrived at RD before, so I was unsure how busy it would be. We will see if we can fit in a couple of things before breakfast.


It will only work if you're there quite early and are at the front of the pack. Don't stress if you find yourself entering the park after 9 though. It will still be a fabulous day if you start with breakfast! Magic Kingdom is much more forgiving with a later start than other parks.


Buzz should be a walk-on at rope drop, so I think you will be safe.


We did rope drop about 3 weeks ago and got in both Space Mountain and Buzz by around 9:25 - and we are not fast walkers by any stretch of the imagination and were towards the middle of the crowd. So many head off towards Seven Dwarfs or Peter Pan, I was surprised by how few were in Tomorrowland. If your goal is just Buzz, it shouldn't be a problem at all.