ADR at 180 (+9): this is NOT a drill



Garden Grill breakfasts now uploaded and available and booked by me. Wanted 10.30am, got 10.25am.


DISASTER! How are you going to amend your plans to account for the discrepancy in planning vs reality?


I would have thought that was obvious.

I’m cancelling the trip.


Oh thank God. You wouldn’t want to waste your money when this was your plight.


That sounds superfun. Perhaps I should do likewise sometime.

Any idea what the CLs at DLP are for Christmas??


No, he said HEA. Magical is only found at Disneyland.


We usually eat at about 8pm!!


Then I congratulate you on being out of the nursery where I and all my real life friends and family apparently still reside :joy:


:rofl: :rofl:


I did this recently (Eurostar on Tesco points and a really good deal for 4 days from Boxing Day) until I realised it would be absolutely Baltic and crazy busy!!! Give me Florida in August any time.