ADR at 180 (+9): this is NOT a drill


I don’t know anybody who regularly has their dinner later than about 6.30 unless they don’t get home later than that. I usually have mine about 5.30. Am I still in the nursery? :joy::joy:


In our family, we eat very early. Lunch is 11:00, and dinner is usually 5:00, but sometimes as early as 4:30. Waiting to even 6:00 and I have to fill in with a snack!


We usually eat in the 5 o’clock hour because of kid activities after that


[hides in the corner from shame] I think I have a problem. I live vicariously through internet strangers as a hobby…


Ah but you’re not a Brit, so I think @Welsh_Dragon will allow it.

I have to eat really regularly, my worst nightmare is people booking in hour long meetings at noon so I can’t have lunch till 1. I can’t even concentrate.


Oh dear, oh dear.


Afternoon tea?


Definitely afternoon tea!

  1. I don’t drink tea. I can’t stand tea. Only thing I can’t stand more is coffee. So, clearly it can’t be afternoon tea!
  2. 11:00 am for lunch means eating dinner at 4:30 is 5 hours later.

Truth is, we do eat earlier than most people we know. Some eat more like 7 or 8 pm, and we know of one family that eats closer to 9. Of course, I’m ready for bed at 9:30, so that would leave dinner quite rushed!


Now you know two! :slight_smile:. I don’t drink tea either, but afternoon tea does not necessarily require liquid tea but one cannot enjoy alcohol until 5 pm. One can drink it…but not enjoy it​:slight_smile:. I do enjoy coffee. In copious quantities at all times of the day.


I go to bed by 10pm, I have to have time to let my food settle! But 5.30-6pm is just a normal time to have dinner anyway. Though being northern, we usually call it tea.


You’re not trying hard enough. I have no problem enjoying alcohol before 5pm. Though not on a regular basis you understand.


Wow, 4:30 is crazy early. We eat dinner around 7pm or later. DH doesn’t get home until then most nights, plus DS has sports and stuff. Are you starving again at 9pm? :wink:


I am not starving, but hungry. Usually means a bowl of cereal before bed.


That was pretty much my experience too.


We do; dinner is rarely before 7:00 and sometimes not until 8:30 or 9:00…


Well I meant in real life! And was referring to Brits as @Welsh_Dragon contended that we all have dinner around 9pm, or late at least.


Honestly, you people will be the death of me. Once again I leave these forums for a few hours to earn some money to pay for Disney holidays and I get back to hundreds of notifications and all kinds of nonsense I have to address.

First, the ordering of the spreadsheet. This was Microsoft Excel’s fault. I asked to order it by date. Where two dates were the same it ordered by time, but it treated the times by looking at the first digits, so 10pm comes before 2pm, because 1 comes before 2. And so on. I couldn’t be bothered to change it because it didn’t seem that important. “They’ll work it out,” I naively reassured myself.

Second, the timings of my meals are carefully thought out. I like the breakfasts at WDW, but I also like getting up late. So I went for late breakfasts. Wanting to make the most of my FPPs even on days where I plan to go to UOR, I went for even later breakfasts so that I could get a ride or two in first.

The breakfasts are immensely filling and this has two effects. First, it’s better to ride rollercoasters before eating than after. Second, they keep me full all day. At Christmas I found myself still feeling full at dinner. So I’ve pushed the dinner times to as late as I can. This should also allow the occasional in-park treat thanks to my snack credits.

I will say the DDP is a bit insidious. It does tend to provoke you into making decisions you might otherwise not make because you want to make the most of your credits and get the best deal. But like some others, I like the fact that the cost is certain (except for those damn tips) and once on-property you don’t need to spend any money (except for those damn tips).

I have, as I said earlier, tinkered with some timings, mostly to move the 8pm dinners to 8.30pm. And nudge some breakfasts to 10.30am. Tiffins is now much earlier, at 6pm, because of the ROL dining package. I thought I’d give ROL another go.


Just a comment regarding GG. For our trip in October I was booking ADRs at 180+10 and had issues securing a GG reservation. It didn’t drop until a week or two later if I recall correctly. Ressie finder alerted me when it opened up though.

Sounds like a lovely trip! Looking forward to hearing more about your plans.

Are you officially 100% still going? I know after your Christmas trip you were on the fence if you would still take this trip. (And btw I took a month off of forum due to crazy schedule and completely missed ALL of your planning & had to read your trip report after the fact- the horror! So glad you had a lovely time though :slight_smile: )


Yes. It’s all bought and paid for.