ADR at 180 (+9): this is NOT a drill


Shouldn’t you be asleep?


I will only actually do one. The other’s a back-up option depending on how my UOR trips work out.


Apparently not. I just realised I missed one out: late lunch at 50’s Prime Time.


I’ve done this as well: laptop, home computer, and iPad. I’ve also tried it on my phone as well. The app seemed to work for me but I know it’s been glitchy. I would delete it and reinstall the app 20 min before your time. That fixed all of my issues.


I’ve used my laptop and a tablet, also my laptop and a cell phone to go back and forth between them, while one was finishing up, I would start the another on the other device. It worked. I’ve also do that but had another person working on the the other device so we were making 2 at a time, but together.


Tusker is harder than you expect it to be. Though I suppose that late into your trip it may be easier


I’m also only warm on it. I could quite happily go to Satu’li instead.


:open_mouth: :flushed:




Well, I’m keen to try TH, but my heart isn’t set on it.


Good restaurant list. I want to go to FF after all this talk about it lately. I had trouble getting SciFi within the hour I wanted at 180+ but I was more limited in time as I wanted to eat dinner and be done with plenty of time for F!. And also we are a party of 6 so maybe a table of 1 or 2 is not difficult to get. Maybe it’s smaller than other restaurants? Not sure but you might want to put it in the top half of your ADRs.


Say it isn’t so!!!

I enjoyed TH, but didn’t go this past trip because Gregg wasn’t too into it. Next trip I want to go again. I’m craving the fried plantains.


So much yummy goodness especially at the straddle hour!


Nine hours to go. Expect a full report in about twelve hours.

I’m currently fantasy planning Disneyland Paris for Christmas.


I booked ADRs yesterday for 180+8 for 13 people – I had zero issue getting what we wanted when we wanted it, even for traditionally difficult reservations.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


That’s when we’re planning to go-breakfast and hopefully a taste of lunch!


Just got an e-mail from Disney telling me I’m 180 days away and I can book my ADRs. The window doesn’t open for another half an hour but I wondered if maybe it had opened early. I was on my phone so I tried booking. It did let me select dates in the range I’m looking for but, once I’d done so, I kept getting an error message.

So I’m waiting for the official opening time. 17 tabs open on my browser ready.


One minute to go.


This may not work for you, but you can check for a seat at the bar at Tune In Lounge instead of reserving a table at 50’s Prime Time. Same food…a bit less focus on “keep you elbows off the table”.


I wouldn’t describe this as a smooth experience.

The website won’t give me access to my dates. At all.

MDE on my iPhone can’t seem to find CRT or GG on any day at any time ever in the world.


Anxiously waiting the report. On my recent ADR day I had to pull off to the side of the road to make ADRs at 0500. Fortunately for me at least I had nowhere near this number to try and get :joy: