ADR at 180 (+9): this is NOT a drill


That’s so crap!!


Only the app worked for me back in November. I will say also that I called for a couple of things I couldn’t see on the app and they were pretty fast also. Hope you get things sorted. B


Yes. It is.

Website absolutely useless. Tried different browser. Tried logging in and out. Nothing.

App was pretty good, except for the complete absence of CRT and GG. I could find GG for dinner on random dates I chose, but no breakfast reservations on any day at all that I tried between now and July!

When I explicitly searched for CRT on the app it seemed to suggest that I had to call. Which I’ll have to try later.

Otherwise got everything else at basically the time I wanted. Including CG brunch, CG dinner, Ohana, Tusker, etc.


Did you try an incognito window in your browser? Sometimes that helps.

CRT I believe has to be called in or gotten on the website because of the pre-payment thing.


Disney IT is such a cluster. Sorry it didn’t go more smoothly. Glad you got it mostly done.


Ugh!! How frustrating. So sorry you had to deal with the crap that is IT. Hopefully when you call they’ll be able to get you the CRT res you want.


On phone to Disney now. CRT not a problem, but they can’t find any GG breakfasts at any time ever in the world, either. They’re checking with Guest Services.

Website still not giving me access to my dates.


It’s moot now, but I checked that just to see: no dice.


Maybe the breakfasts haven’t been released yet, but that’s weird.


That’s so weird about GG. Sounds like you got everything else you were looking for?

Every time I hear one of these stories I start going into an anxiety attack about FP day…in just over a week. Why can’t they get their act together? No ! Seriously, does anyone know or have guesses to why their IT doesn’t match with what we expect it to do?


That’s what the CM has said — they haven’t uploaded breakfasts or lunches. She didn’t know why. Said to keep checking.


Has GG undergone a refurb in recent memory?


Cheaping out on infrastructure of the system. it’s the casualty of the “new” corporate philosophy of being “agile.”

  • You have higherups needing to suggest/demand features to make themselves appear relevant.
  • You have customers demanding upgrades/features and higherups immediately diverting resources to it because “WE LOOZING MONIES!”
  • You also have a ton of turnover in the IT area as often it’s contractors(cause contractors are cheap) and training newbies on the established processes is always a hit or miss practice. And worse, software/features written by one contractor is often abandoned or stops working once that contractor leaves.

In short, there’s never enough time/money to fully bulletproof a system before a new one comes down the line.


But they have loaded dinner reservation times to the system, so it can’t be a refurb issue.


To be fair, the news is pretty good.

With the exception of the Garden Grill glitch / mystery, I got everything I wanted within 15 mins of when I wanted it. (See table below.)

As I called them, I also asked about the dessert party for HEA and she was able to book that for me, too — so that’s a worry off my mind: I’m definitely in. So I have the HEA / CRT experience @OBNurseNH wanted me to have :slightly_smiling_face:

All in all, pretty successful. But I’ll need to keep checking GG. I’m not going to be traumatised if that doesn’t work out. There are other places to get breakfast.


Oh hmm…


Magical :fireworks:


TH is husbands favorite in WDW; I wouldn’t go that far, but I do like it ALOT


That night is EMH 10pm-midnight, too, so I get some ride action after dinner, as well :smile:


Wow really successful!