ADR and iLL

I booked FOP this morning and selected a time a few hours BEFORE my ADR. Of course it booked at the exact time of my ADR. Can anyone offer advice? I’m currently in the endless loop of calls and wait time is 90 minutes to attempt to talk to a tech person

Go to guest services and beg? This is why I’m planning to screen record everything I do just in case.


See I would not be begging. I would be - and this is not who I am generally - demanding, if necessary.

This crap about it changing times while you’re in the process of PAYING FOR A PARTICULAR TIME is unacceptable and I don’t understand why we aren’t making more noise about it. It’s unacceptable with the G+ LL as well, but less so than the ILL$

@croe I would not spend time on the phone. I would go to a GS blue umbrella person. I would be as kind as you can be, explain things calmly and appropriately. And if you get push back I’d push back harder. It’s also not okay, though, that you are needing to take time out of your day to manage this.


It is unacceptable but I feel like there aren’t many reports of them being that helpful to deal with it, especially without any proof.

I think the blue umbrella people are the only ones helping.


That’s sort of my point - I don’t think anyone is pushing back hard enough and saying “This is the time I bought. You need to give me that time.”

I might not be being the voice of reason here LOL This whole product makes me angry but this piece especially


Soooo- after waiting and hour and talking with 2 cast members at one time- no one in the entire world at Disney can change a purchased lightening except for the guest relations inside the park. We aren’t in the park bc this was our ‘test’ day. At least everyone else has had a chance to sleep in. The internet dept is the right dept but they don’t have the authority. The Pop Century manager helped me and eventually called animal kingdom. After another 20-30 minutes they changed my FOP time. Everyone I spoke with said they have never heard of someone calling about this type of conflict. :flushed:


Wait what?

You bought an ILL$ on a test?

I’m very confused.

I think most everyone would deal with it in-park.

@PrincipalTinker I watched the blue umbrella people yesterday at MK- they aren’t the ‘nicest’ to work with :disappointed: I got the impression that they feel everyone is trying to beat the system and real issues aren’t taken as seriously :cry:

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Ok- that was supposed to say Rest day

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So Rest day meaning you’re just going to the park later then? As in not rope dropping?

I understand they might not be “nice” and I suspect it is easier first thing in the morning, but they are the ones that can help.


My experience with the blue umbrella people is that they said “All we can do is refund you.” and that was the end of the conversation. However my husband went to a different blue umbrella person and pushed back harder, arguing that the product being purchased (the time of the ILL) changed between the payment screen and the payment confirmation (basically it was a 10:30am time for Rise when he clicked Pay and then a 2:30 time for Rise is what was ultimately presented to us) and that this is against the Apple Terms of Service. He asked to talk to a manager, they said that would take 20 minutes, he said fine. A minute later they called a manager who said that they could “accommodate it this one time”, which further infuriated him, and he kept reminding them that this wasn’t an accommodation, this was an IT failure and they were just making it right by supplying what we purchased.

Anyway, that was our experience. I suspect you might have equally good or better luck by just going to FOP about a half hour before your time, showing them that you have an ILL, and explaining the situation.


I think people are pushing but are being made to feel that they are being unreasonable and trying to get round the rules in some way.


I need to remember that about the Apple terms of service.

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He was so mad, he left the Disney app a bad review on the Apple store and wrote an email to Apple saying that they should be investigated. :laughing:


This is good to know. I’ll keep this verbiage in mind.

Apple TOS must have some language about getting what is paid for? Do you have the language so I can pocket that for PRN use as well?

Yes- we are going in at lunch time. I am booking the other LL every 2 hours so we should be able to get everything by the end of the day or use shorter lines tonight. @OBNurseNH


I don’t, but I’ll ask him - I’m not sure how much of it was bluster but he has developed an app for the store so it’s possible he really did know what he was talking about.