ADR and credit card

My ADR day is this Thursday and I of course want to be as prepared as possible. I understand that I have to use a cc to book a reservation but am wondering if there is a way to make this faster. If I put my cc information into MDE will it automatically use it and therefore make my reservation faster to process? Or do I have to put in my cc info for each and every ADR?
Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Yes just link it to MDE and you’re good to go.


Thank you!

I just went through the process for myself yesterday (Monday), and it was super easy. I entered the number once. It prompts you to “save this card” to your profile the first time you use it. If you say yes, every subsequent reservation defaults to that card. Easy!


please note, your CC will now also be used for MB purchases if staying onsite!


But don’t you have to “activate” it for use onsite and create a PIN before it will be automatically used?

Plus, you can always go into MDE and delete or change the CC.

You do have to set up a pin, you can do it in MDE or at the front desk.

If you add it, it’s activated! But you do need to set up a pin first via MDE or front desk. You can modify as many times as you wish, but that’s the one they’ll take for your purchases unless you add another one upon check in then that one will replace any other card. I’ve never tried to have an MDE cc and no pin, I wonder if that would block my purchases…?

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You wouldn’t be able to charge anything, because you need to enter your PIN in order to charge back to your room (or dining plan).

That could be a very good save myself from myself method!:laughing: Thanks @Nicky_S!!

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You can set limits on charging too! We usually put a limit on our boys’ cards, just to prevent them getting carried away. No reason why you shouldn’t do so for yourself I guess! :joy: