ADR after park has closed?

Through TP’s reservation finder I just scored a reservation at Sci-Fi Dine-In, but it’s for 7:15p and the park closes at 7p. I checked to see if they have EMH for that night but nothing is listed. I used the chat feature on MDE and the agent said they may be extending the hours for something…but couldn’t elaborate. Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you :slight_smile:

What’s the date?

Whoops forgot to mention that. It’s Dec 5th

Hmm. I have no explanation. Let us know what happens! :slight_smile:

I will! I hope it works out, the CM I spoke to said they have really good milkshakes. :smile:

REALLY good milkshakes!!! Have a peanut butter one on me @adamsfamily7886!!!