ADR affected by date changes?

If I book ADR at the 180 day window and then modify my dates, does anything happen to those reservations? Obviously, I’m talking about reservations that exist for the days we actually WILL be there. For example, if my original window is June 1st - 7th and I make ADR for June 5, 6 and 7. Then, before the 30 day cancellation window I modify my dates to be June 2nd-7th. Do my original ADR stay put?

My gut tells me it should be fine, but what’s from stopping people from initially booking 10-15 days ahead of their actual dates just to get priority in FPP and ADR…only to change dates after those reservations have been made?


They’ll be fine. You won’t lose them.

Remember, everyone can book ADRs at 180 days. The 10 day / length of stay advantage for onsite guests won’t cause them to disappear if you alter dates or even cancel. Even if you did it before the 180 day mark for that ADR, which is highly unlikely anyway.