ADR advice for couple’s trip

DH and I have a long weekend alone at WDW next weekend as a mini getaway/anniversary celebration.

We have 3 nights for ADRs. Which restaurants should we choose?

-Jiko (have been once in 2017)
-California Grill (usually go every trip)
-Toledo (never been)
-Flying Fish (never been)
-bluezoo (never been)
-something else?

We did a weekend anniversary trip earlier this month and had 3 dinners. We picked Jiko, CG and Topolino’s. We loved them all. Toledo would be another good choice and would be easy to grab an ADR last minute.

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I love Jiko….one of my favorites.

Cali grill is always good.

Dying to try Toledo….

So those would be my choices.

We are trying Topolinos for dinner in June…. Might be one to consider….



Whatever you can get!

Or are you saying you have ressies for all of these? In that case (in order of preference) Jiko, Flying Fish, Toledo

Oh I have these already :joy: I just need to whittle down to my final choices.


Oh phew!

Then what I said

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Toledo food was delicious. The restaurant itself was beautiful. You can see ToT, SE, Galaxy’s Edge from their bathroom windows, The rooftop bar would be a nice spot for a drink before or after dinner. The dinner for two was very good.

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Jiko and Flying Fish.

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