ADR - 180+10 Question

Just preparing my ADR strategy in advance. We are planning to visit WDW for more than 10 days on our next trip. Does the plus-10 include the check-in date itself?

For example, let’s say my check-in date is August 20. At 180 days out, can I book only for August 20-29 or is it possible to book for August 20-30?

I was told I would only be able to do till 29th (in your example obviously!) but could actually do 30th too. Others said they hadn’t been able to do that though.

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Thanks for sharing your personal experience. Maybe it just depends on the mood of MDE. I’ll plan for both but hope for being able to book the extra day.

You should get the 30th too. If not keep in mind the additional days open on a rolling plus 10. So the next day will cover day 11 of your trip and the next day day 12. The plus 10 rolls

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