Adjusting number of people in an ADR


If I adjust ADR’s already made - lowering by 2 people - will it affect the reservation time?



Alternately, there’s no penalty for arriving with fewer people than you reserved for, so you don’t actually need yo adjust the ADR.


Easiest by far is to just show up day of and tell them, we only have 4 and not the 6 scheduled (or whatever your real numbers are). There is no penalty as long as at least 1 shows up for an ADR.


Thanks for your replies - very helpful :smile:


I would lower it by two, that way maybe a party of 2 could pick up an ADR they really wanted. It will not affect your time. Just modify the reservation.


I tried both. When I called Disney to lower the number in our party, they were not particularly accommodating. So for the rest of the reservations, we just showed up and told them we had a lower number in our party. That worked out just fine. In the cases where we had two reservations for 6 people at similar times, and now were a group of only 8, they were able to seat us all together with only a minimal wait - longest quoted wait was 20 minutes, but we only waited about 10 minutes. It seems like the ADR is really only a “time” place holder.


Yes it’s not a reservation in the way people other than Disney understand it.