Addt'l FPP at Kiosks

Can someone confirm what I read online that if you book additional FPP at a kiosk in the park you do need the magic bands from everyone in your party needing the FPP (but not necessarily the actual people)?

Sorry if this has been asked, I tried searching the forums but didn’t find anything.


The reports I’ve seen from other liners are that only one party needs to go and as long as everyone is linked in MDE doesn’t have to have everyone else’s MB. Hopefully someone can confirm.

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I’ve heard the same as @Outer1 - as long as everyone is linked together in your MDE, you only need one magic band to book for everyone. :smile: Hopefully Outer and I just didn’t read the same wrong information. Lol!

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Technically, as long as everyone is linked, you only need one. However, we have had issues with everyone showing up at the kiosk, even though they were linked. I eventually figured out that if I used my son’s MB, everyone would show up, even though mine is the main one. We have AP’s linked to the bands, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

We had exactly the experience described above. When they scanned my MB nothing happened, so CM had my son (who luckily had come with) scan his. She added all 4 of us through his MB.

Bring everyone’s. It’s SUPPOSED to be that only one band is required. It’s happened to me that MDE randomly and suddenly decided to unlink my party, and so we had to make everyone’s individually.

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We had to use two each time. My husband’s was not linked to the rest of us for some reason, even though all the reservations, FPP, etc were under his account. The rest of us could use any of our bands to reserve the additional FPP. CMs told us it was a glitch in the system and that IT was “working on it”…that was in June.

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My experience too

Thanks all. I’ll bring everyone’s bands to the kiosk on the first day to see what way works so going forward I can just take that band (or bands) to make additional FPs while everyone else goes and rests or gets a snack. Trying to make sure we are as efficient as possible! :smiley:

We had a problem once or twice last week getting everyone on the extra fastpass. We had 2 people with magicbands go to the kiosk. That way, if the one band doesn’t show everyone, you can use the other band. If your entire group stands in line by the kiosk, you clog it up and are ending up standing like a bunch of sardines in a can.