Additional Fastpasses -do you put them in your plan?

I was wondering what people recommended for putting in your plans when you plan to use additional FPs beyond the first 3. Do you add them into your plans at the park as you book them or put them in your plans ahead of time and hope it works out that you can get additional FPs for the rides you would like?

When I get a 4th FPP this is when my plan becomes more flexible…I don’t add it because I don’t like optimizing my plan while in the park.

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I’m with @SillySamsMom. Once I start getting extra FP I’m off plan and start being more flexible. I don’t add them to the original plan because I never have the intention to get something specific - I don’t want to spend ages modifying to try to get something that fits my plan, I just see what’s available.

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Type A planner all the way here. I do a personalised plan but in the afternoon choose rises after 2pm that I am likely to get a fp for…such as Mickeys philharmagic barnstormer teacups etc bonus if I get anything else!

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I add in an X amount of free time to my plan. This time is the time I expect to be using extra FPs. Like I’ll schedule a break for a couple hours and call it “Ride Time” on my plan.

not sure how you can as you dont know what you will be able to get, you can try and predict but never 100%. My plan is to optimise on app as we collect them.

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I don’t put them into my plan in advance.


I do keep track of my plan during the day, marking off what I’ve done and re-optimizing every few attractions.

This means that I can mark off whatever I do with the extra FP, and then reoptimize to find what’s smartest to do next.