Adding water park to ticket

If I want to go to a water park but don’t want to hop I select the water park option. But how many days do I select? Do I need to add a park day for the water park? So if I want 6 days at the regular parks and 1 water park day do I need a 7 day ticket plus water park option?

Or is it cheaper to just purchase water park separately? So 6 day tickets and 1 day water park separately? This looks cheaper.

I think just the one day. I think if you add the “Water Parks and More” it theoretically allows a water park visit each day. Plus if you’re not going to use the “and More” stuff, you’re paying to not do stuff.


If you only want to visit the waterpark for one day, it’s cheaper to just buy a one day for that rather than upgrade your ticket package. When you do that, it adds one water park visit for your base number of days. So your 6 day park ticket would then include 6 opportunities to visit the water park, plus the other activities listed. But you would not have to add a day to your park tickets, to answer your other question. For example, we have the water park & sports for our trip on a 4 day base ticket. We have 8 days of validity to use our park days and the (up to) 4 water park visits.

I keep reading this as “adding water to a park ticket” and then I think about sea monkeys


Thanks. I figured it out. It was confusing because they don’t offer a water park ticket at checkout. Because of course they don’t as they’re trying to upsell.

Not necessarily. It only cost us about $25/ticket to upgrade from regular parkhoppers to parkhopper plus. I think a day ticket is quite a bit more.

It might be more cost effective if you’re buying a 1 park per day ticket, however.

We’re not doing hoppers so it’s looking more expensive.

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So does that mean if I have a 6 day park hopper ticket plus water park option, I can go to the other (MK, Epcot, HS, AK) parks for 6 days and use the water park/golf admission for 6 additional days or do they have to overlap and I have to park hop from one of the main parks (MK, Epcot, Etc) to the water park on the same 6 days to use the water park tickets? So in total do I get 6 days to go to all the parks, or 6 days for regular parks and an additional 6 days for water parks totaling 12 day trip?

You get 6 days at the parks for whatever duration is specified (I’m not sure the range for a 6 day - but we had 7 days to use our 4 day tickets, for example). You can also visit a water park or play mini golf up to 6 times, either on the same day as a park or on a separate day. So it isn’t spread over 12 days but whatever your ticket validity says. Hopefully that makes sense.

Edit: I had that wrong, it’s 6 visits total between water parks and mini golf, not 6 each. I also took a look, the 6 day ticket gives you a span of 9 days to use all your benefits.
Here is the wording from their site: “Your ticket also provides 6 visits to a water park or other Walt Disney World fun during the same date range. Tickets do not have to be used on consecutive dates.”

Thanks for the response! I understand the part about 9 days to use the 6 days of entry into the parks…but does that mean I can use the water park entry on a day I am not visiting one of the other parks (during the 9 day span) or am I mandated to park hop from a water park to a regular park on those 6 days I chose to visit a regular park for a total of 6 days? I found this information from another website but it’s the only one I found:

You can use your 6 water park visit on any day during your 9 days. There are no water park reservations, so it does not matter when you go or if you reserve.


Yes this exactly. No need to hop from a park but you can if you want to. We always did a water park day on a day in the middle our time there. Our last trip we did 2 parks days, a water park day, and then 2 more parks days.

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Thanks so much for clearing that up for me!

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