Adding vacation packages to my mobile app wallet?

I have a prepaid vacation package at Universal - hotel, park tickets, Express and HHN ticket - during my trip in a couple months. After I made and paid for those reservations, when HNN Express passes went on sale, I bought one of those as well as one of the Freestyle souvenir cups, and was able to add them to my Universal account. I can see them in my wallet in my mobile app. I’d like to add the stuff from my prepaid package as well, but when I try to enter the confirmation number, the app rejects it.

Is it possible to add the tickets from my prepaid package to the app? Or should I not worry about it at all? This is my first time doing a package or even staying on site so I’m not sure what to expect - on previous trips I used ticket kiosks at the park to pick up my tickets and/or had printouts on hand. Honestly, this is my first time using Universal’s mobile app as well; I’m much more used to Disney’s digital ecosystem. Any insight veterans can offer would be appreciated, as my Google skills are failing me.

autumn.riordan for what I understand the Universal Studios App is nothing like the Disney App, that tracks your hotel and connect the members of your family, you can book fast pass and all that, is just for looking at ride waiting time, order food from a few places and look at where things are located.

Why do they ask you to add your tickets, but if you buy your ticket from a third patty you have to wait to have them physically in your hand to add them, once you are already at the hotels or the parks, I don’t even know the usefulness of that.

Maybe some one with more knowledge can correct me.