Adding to Package

My daughter and I are going to DW and I just snagged a coveted Free Dining package for both of us. I want to try to add my boyfriend to my package too, and the only thing that he needs to buy are park tickets. My question is, is it possible to buy discounted tickets from somewhere such as Undercover Tourist or something and then link them with us to the package, so that he can be included on our hotel reservation and the free dining, or do the park tickets have to be from Disney themselves?

Generally free dining comes with the package. Everyone in the room must have the entire package including tickets to be a part of the dining plan.


Yeah, my plan was to buy him tickets and then call to add him onto our package, since I already paid for the hotel and such. The package we had before covered tickets and hotel. Technically this package covers the same thing, because the added dining is free and I’ve already paid for the hotel. So, he just needs to buy tickets. I called to see if it was possible to add someone to our hotel and Magical express when I first booked the tickets/hotel package and they said it was possible. So, if I buy discounted tickets from somewhere such as undercover tourist, to save money, can I then link those tickets to my already existing package? Or will Disney not allow that since the tickets aren’t from them specifically?

I’m pretty sure you would have to book everything for him through Disney in order to add him. Since you now have a free dining package I don’t think you could even add him to the room without him having the same package (including tickets) as you and your daughter.


He would have the same package as us. It’s just that if he did his own package, he’d have to reserve his own hotel room. I want him in the same hotel room as us, not to have his own. So we would have to add him to our package, since I’ve already paid for the hotel room. That just leaves the tickets to pay for. Thank you for your help

To be on the same package, you must get Disney to add him and he must pay for the same things.

Buying tickets separately, even from Disney, and adding him to the room is not the same as adding him to the package. That must be done by calling and paying the same for him as you did for yourself and daughter.


Tickets are part of the package. Everyone in the room has to have the same exact package including tickets.


Welcome to the forum! As others have said Disney will only allow him to be added if you call and add him to your room. Your package price will increase with the addition but it should not be a problem.