Adding tickets to existing MDE - fastpass status?

Hi guys- I searched around and didn’t see this exact question, so sorry if this is redundant…

Anyways, my family is staying onsite and we made our 60 days out FP yesterday. My parents (who will be staying offsite) will be joining us for just one day at MK. If I link their one day ticket to my MDE, do they get the same MK FP that we already have, or do they add their own set at the 30 day mark?

And if they don’t get ours, and we link them… after we each use our original set of 3 that day in the pasrk, can I then make FP #4 on my phone for all 6 of us? Thanks everybody!!

If you link them now they can make their fast passes now. They will only be able to add what is available. If you are linked at day 60 all FPs could be made.

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