Adding Special Events/Tours to your plan

What do people use to add the special tours to their plans? I’m interested in doing Behind the Seeds, but I don’t know how much time it takes or when it will be, so I can’t just add a “break”, as those usually want actual times allocated. Also, I tried just adding “The Land”, but that’s only a 15 minutes slot.

So what do you all do to accommodate this scenario? Thanks.

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I found the closest restaurant and blocked out the timing under that. I did this both for our Caring for Giants Tour and our Star Wars Dessert Party.

For Food and Wine, I noticed that TP has it listed under food, but I ended up using the “break” feature for that one.


I do like @Cgarrett75

Behind the seeds is 1 hr


Thanks. That’s a good idea.

1 hour for the tour? That’s not too bad, then. I wonder if it would make a good afternoon thing to do?

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I’ve only heard good reviews of that one.

I’ve always wanted to do it, so this time it goes into the plan. :grinning:

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We have done it! we went Spring 2017. It was fun! It was cool seeing the riders in the boats look at us like”what are they doing back there!” I liked seeing the fish up close and all the plants! The day we went we ended up being able to try sliced cucumbers that were grown there! The group we had was 6-7 so not too big. You could ask all the questions you wanted too.