Adding Single Rider to Touring Plans

I’m making a touring plan and can’t figure out how to add ‘single rider’. Right now Radiator Springs shows a 48 minute wait and I know it would be shorter with if I marked it as single rider.

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I don’t think you can add single rider but there are two workarounds:

  • Tell the software you will use LL and then manually configure your return time to when you plan to go. A LL should approximate the SR line wait time.

  • Input a “break” or “meal” at a location nearby to Grizzly River Run at input the amount of time you think it will take you to use SR line.
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When I make my plans, I just input the attractions in the order I want them. If TP tells me I can complete everything using SB, then I know I can do everything and have plenty of time for spontenaeity. If TP says I can’t do the last several attractions, I add up the times for my SR and GP rides, subtract 20 mins each, and figure that’s how much extra time I have over what TP is calculating. That tells me if I’ll have enough time for those last attractions. TP plans are never precise; just a rough estimate.