Adding people to adr - will disney app allow it?

We have ressies for BOG for 3. Now we have 4 people coming that day - but it doesn’t seem to want to even search for a new time using 4 people instead of 3. I think there might be space - if you search for 1 person at that same time frame, there is availability, but it won’t let me reserve it separately either

Does anyone else have their own MDE account? They could book it at the same time.

Or try phoning and see if the CMs will add the extra person.

Which meal is this for? If dinner at BOG, just show up with 4 and tell them when you check in and all will be fine. I’m far less certain what would happen for the QS options though - although I guess if you ordered an extra meal in advance it’s not like they’d say no, would they? I mean I presume I can order 2 entrees for breakfast if I wanted, right?

I don’t recall any 3 tops so I think any table that’s good for 3 can seat 4 there. Normally for an ADR it’s not an issue and you just show up with the extra - if it’s QS though, it gets more uncertain in my mind…

Probably fine as long as it’s not a pre rope drop breakfast. I would call and ask

I’m with @Nicky_S. If this extra person is suddenly coming, they are likely a Disney adult (it’s rare that kids randomly come along). Have them make their own MDE account and book their 1 at the same time.

I would not count on showing up with them and having them be allowed in without an ADR - someone else could grab that spot before you show up and then the restaurant is at fire code capacity and one of your group is not eating in BOG.

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