Adding one more person to EVERYTHING

We booked the Hallowishes dessert party for 9/2 weeks ago. Now my sister has decided to invite her babysitter to go with us, without even consulting me and she already bought airfare so I have to figure out a way to work her into all of our plans. We’ve already gotten all of our FPP and ADRs, including CRT breakfast, Hallowishes dessert party, and FEA FPP. We’ll be using child swaps for many of the bigger attractions and she said she doesn’t really care about FEA , so it won’t be a huge issue is we can’t get her exactly the same FastPasses. The main problem is going to be with the ADRs and especially the dessert party. I know many places will be able to accommodate one extra (especially since one of us is a 2 year old), but there’s no way we’ll be able to just squeeze her in to a sold out dessert party.

Any suggestions?

I think this is one time I would call.

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Did you try to modify your reservation in MDE?

There’s no link for that, just cancel. Do you think calling will do any good?

I would call… and beg if you have to! :slight_smile:

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I think calling is your only hope for the Dessert party. They may be able to accommodate - I’d also emphasize the 2 year old in the party won’t take up much space if there’s a seating concern (although if the 2 year old doesn’t need a ticket, that’s no help).

For your other ADRs, everything I’ve read/heard says bringing 1 extra isn’t an issue typically. It may delay your table slightly, but you should get seated. The only time I think it could be a big issue is a pre-RD ADR - if you’re on the books for 5, I’m not sure they’d let 6 into the park before rope drop.

Some things may just not work. It’s all well and good that your sister invited the babysitter, but you just need to be honest and tell them that some things sell out as much as 180 days in advance, and you’ll try to get her into everything, but there will likely be things that she just can’t do.Deal with it and be glad that you’re getting a trip to WDW. I have little sympathy for situations like this and I would have NO problem doing this.

But I agree - this is definitely a phone issue vice an on-line issue.

I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t only 16. She knows we may not be able to get her into everything and totally understands,but can you imagine more of a bummer than to be stuck hanging out by yourself for 2 hours at MNSSHP when you’re 16? I just feel bad.

Perhaps ask your sister to be the one to sit out? Or maybe the plan is for the babysitter to be babysitting back in the room?

Good news… calling worked! They were able to add one more to our dessert party res. They couldn’t add her to the pre-RD CRT res (she said it’s a legal capacity thing there more than anything), but the CM said that if I call periodically (and daily starting 4 or 5 days beforehand) it’s highly likely they’ll be able to add one, and if all else fails the pre-RD main gate people will almost certainly let her go with us and see if we can’t get her in with us at the door. She also said that calling to add 1 to ADRs is pretty much always going to get better results than just looking for a table for 1.


That’s good information, thanks Nikkipoooo!