Adding one more guest last minute! Help!

Nov. 17-27 was going to be a solo trip with me and my two daughters. Now most likely it looks like my lovely wife can go too. I had the sense to make most of our ADRs for 4 but there are a couple that are for 3. 1900 PF and a BoG. Wondering if that will be a problem. Also, the room is booked with just me and the kids for now. Will the cost of the room go up? I guess I just need to call Disney. I'm stressing about it cos it feels very last minute but I really do hope she can go. It will be much more fun with her there and all of us together as a family. Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated.

@DadHatter, How wonderful that your wife can go now! You shouldn't have any trouble adding adding one to your ADRs. We're a family of three (me, DH, DD19) and we're always seated at a 4 top table. Easy to add one more. As for the room, two adults are included in the price and kids under 18 are "free" (we had to pay an extra $10/night at POP for DD because she was 18 last trip), so I wouldn't think they would charge you that fee. Is it a pkg or RO? Obviously, you have to add her to reservation for her to get her MB. Sounds like a great trip!!

Your room cost may not go up, depending on the age of the kids. I believe the "extra adult" charge only applies to the 3rd and 4th adults in a room. If your kids are 10 or up, it may apply. Disney will know. Also, you can probably add her at check-in, so you can save some time there too.

As far as your ADRs, you won't have any trouble bringing along your DW. Your reservation is almost certainly already at a table for 4. I wouldn't even bother calling to adjust the reservations.

I have, it may be said, some experience in doing this. Google "Testabombing" for an idea.

Seriously did not expect that to come up in a Google search. I was wrong.

I had myself and my daughter on a room reservation last month and at the last minute added one more adult (a liner-friend, actually) and wasn't charged extra. DD is 10.

Thank you everyone! My FPP day is coming soon so I need to buy her ticket soon. If I log in and buy it on the Disney site and she is on my Family & Friends will I automatically be able to schedule her FPP with ours or do I need to call Disney to have her added to our room?

Ah, for FPP you'll need to link her to your room. Good point.