Adding one day in the parks mid-stay

We’re contemplating adding one extra day to our ticket package… going to Epcot in the afternoon after spending the day at one of the Water Parks. We want to take a wait and see approach, because if we’re exhausted, we’re not going to do it.

Typically, the more days worth of tickets you add to your package, the less each day costs per increment. If we added an extra day as described above, we’d of course want it to work like that, rather than paying the full one day price. My understanding is that, if you want to add an extra park day mid-stay, they will do it at the incremental price IF you still have one or more days still left in your ticket package… and you can’t be in the middle of that last park day. Is my understanding of this correct?


Yes, you are correct. You can add a day to your ticket and will be charged for the difference in adding that extra day, not another full day ticket.

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Awesome, thanks for the response!

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: how this would probably work for us is, we’d hit the Water Park on the Tuesday, and would have two park days left (Thursday and Friday). We could either go back to our hotel, arrange the extra day of ticket, then go… or we could use one of the park tickets we already have banked, and make the arrangements for the extra day on the following day (Wednesday), when we’d have no need to rush doing that as it’s our scheduled day off. It would presumably be quicker to do the latter… but would using one of those days lose any of the FP+ selections we have in the system?

And… when I say “go back to the hotel and arrange the extra day”, I assume I can have the extra day added to our ticket at front desk?

If I recall correctly, if you have tickets from a third party reseller (like UT), you can only upgrade them at guest services in a park as they are the ones who have the authority to “price bridge” your tickets to maintain your discount. I will try to find the reference page that describes all of the ins and outs of WDW tickets.

Also, I think that you can add a day even on your last park day. Again, will try to find the reference page.

Not a third party reseller. Through a TA, direct from Disney. Can those be modified at our hotel? In this case AoA.

Found it!

And now that I checked, it does not matter where you got the tickets - they cannot be upgraded at a resort:

“Any upgrade must be done at WDW at a location with access to the Automated Ticketing System (ATS). Basically this is any park (including water park) ticket window or Guest Services location, or one of the Downtown Disney Guest Services locations. The Lobby Concierge staff at the Resorts do not have all the accesses as the Parks. It cannot be done at a Disney Store.”

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