Adding more time to Epcot Pavilions

When I put Epcot pavilions into a touring plan, it only allows for 10 minutes in each one. Is there any way to increase that time allowance in my touring plan?

I believe the easiest way right now is to add a break after each pavilion. But someone else out there might have a better suggestion.

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Yeah. I tried that. It totally shifts everything in the plan when you add a timed break.

When you add a break did you optimize or evaluate?

Hmm. I optimized.

Optimizing is for in the park. You need to evaluate if you are home and not there yet.

I guess I’m not sure I understand. When I get to the park (next week!) will it still only show 10 minutes at each pavilion I’ve entered?

Not exactly sure, but I would take out your breaks from your plan then optimise. Then I would put a break in after the first pavilion and then evaluate, then put another break in after the second pavilion then evaluate and so on. Alternatively, optimise your plan without any breaks and when you’re in park follow the plan until the first pavilion and when you come out you can mark all that you have done as done and then re-optimise. You can then go where the plan tells you and keep re-optimising in park.

Optimizing is not for in the park. Optimizing takes your list of attractions and tries to put them in the best possible order based on the current projections for the day in question. It can also be used in the parks to update an existing plan based on the current park conditions and the projections for the rest of the day.

Put each pavilion that you want to spend more time in multiple times. For example, if you want to spend 30 min in Mexico, put it in 3 times.

@len told me that they are working on having user-entered times for attractions like the WS pavilions where you may want to spend extra time. Don’t know when that is due to be released, though.

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