Adding MDE account

Now that the new Magic Mobile Pass is live I have a question. My DH has always just been linked in my account. He would never go to Disney without me :wink: But in order for him to be able to use his watch he will need his own MDE account. How do we do this since his AP is linked in my account? Thanks in advance for any help!

Ugh, I hate the thought of this. I just cleaned up my family MDE accounts this weekend with Disney IT (husband, mother and father who created them when it started 7 years ago and haven’t used them since). I always have issues seeing their tickets and transferring unused tickets to others on my friends and family list as a result. I don’t want to go back to giving them their own accounts! :frowning_face:

Point #1 - NEVER, EVER split an existing MDE account into multiple accounts

Point #2 - Reread Point #1

I learned this the hard way during my last trip and I paid a hefty consequence for it. Don’t believe it when Disney IT says they can fix it because an MDE account is too big of a an interleaved and tangled web for anyone to straighten it out.

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