Adding LL return times to TP

We are having major problems adding our return times to our TP this morning. I am trying to adda return time for Remy, i click on add LL and then it adds another step to the plan to obtain an LL but there is no place to add a time. This is happening on Android, Apple and Pixel phones. I am able to add a BG and return time for GoTG. Thanks!

You need to use the Plan Preferences option near the top of the Evaluate / Optimise page. That allows you to add in all the LL times you expect to be able to get.

It still isnt working. I can add times for other rides. It seems to be a programming glitch

It started working at 8:30.

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This has happened three days in a row. It means i cannot optimize with my actual lighting lanes until park open… if anyone has a work around, i would really appreciate the help. Thanks

If you are OK with sharing your plan then maybe we could suggest something.
You need to click on the button “share my plan” and the post the url it gives you.

Thanks. It is really just an issue with entering the return times. I have played around with it and some rides can be entered when obtained and some cant be entered until park open. There are also glitches when using step complete. Sometimes i have to use delete step instead because step complete doesn’t remove the step from the plan. I can tell that they are adding functionality, so hopefully they will be up to their old standards soon.

I am glad you posted this issue you are having bc I got so frustrated trying to set up my plans before our trip next week that I just deleted them all bc I was spending so much time trying to figure out the LL additions. I thought it was just me and that I was an idiot. I now have all my plans in the notes app in my phone.

I experienced the same thing last week. LL obtained at 7, but the step “Obtain LL at 7:00” didn’t have the button to enter times. On Day 1 I just added it as a DAS since we were trying to rope drop and wanted the best info immediately. By day 3 we weren’t rushing to opening, and I noticed the button appeared at about 7:45am. These are the 3 main issues I experienced:

  1. No “enter return time” button after obtaining an LL as reported above

  2. No “enter DAS time” choice for a ride. It was usually there in the 3 dot menu for the ride, but sometimes it just wasn’t.

  3. “Stuck” on a suggested return time. Example: Day 3 the optimizer added a step for Slinky Dog Dash LL at 7:00am, expected to be 6:45pm. When I went to obtain LLs at 7:00, SDD was already 8:45pm by the time I purchased Rise of the Resistance. I chose Runaway Railway instead. No matter how many times I deleted both the “obtain LL” and the SDD steps, it kept locking in SDD to a 6:45pm LL and would not allow me to enter an LL for Railway. It was very frustrating.

  4. When Disney cancelled Railway and gave us a freebie return time to a number of rides, I didn’t really see a way to enter an LL for our selected ride (we chose Toy Story Mania both times this happened). I suppose I could have entered it as a DAS, but this might have been one of those times where the DAS option didn’t appear as I mentioned above.

I basically stopped using the Lines app to plan during day 2. I referenced it for expected wait times, but I just used the MDE app to determine the actual plan. YMMV, but the Lines app wound up being more of a frustration than a help during our 4 days in the parks.

Are those of you having issues using the app or the website?

I always make my plans on the website and didn’t have any problems adding my expected times for LLs / ILLs .

It could be it’s an app glitch, maybe for some phone types?

I had no problems making expected plans, it is on the actual day in the park that i haven’t been able to enter the LL times until park open. There seem to be a lot of glitches with the latest update and i will be emailing a detailed list after my trip

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