Adding Insurance

Does anyone know how or if I can add insurance to my trip without calling and sitting on hold until next Tuesday? (That’s probably only a slight exaggeration)

I have to make my final payment on Thursday and understand I need to add before then.


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I believe the only way to add it is by calling. Sorry.

Have you considered getting insurance through a third party?

Thank you, that’s what I was afraid of.

And no I haven’t. Is there a 3rd party you can recommend that you have used?
I’m not opposed to it at all.

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When I went on a Disney Cruise, I used Squaremouth. It was the one it seemed everyone recommended. Make sure you only insure for the non-reimbursable portions of your trip (e.g., flights, tickets that you can’t use later, etc.)

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I too used Squaremouth when we booked a nonrefundable condo in Hawaii last year (when negative covid tests were still required to travel to the islands). It was very reasonably priced ($114 for 5K condo), our actual insurance policy was through Trawick International. We went on the trip so didn’t have to try and collect, so no idea how well that works (though we did purposely choose a policy that allowed us to cancel for a positive covid test).

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Thank you all for the advice. I used squaremouth and it worked out perfectly. Saved a little money and more importantly hours on hold.

Here’s to hoping I don’t use it! :blush:
32 more days to go!


I’ve used Travel Insured but haven’t ever had to make a claim yet so I don’t know how that would go.

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I see you’ve made a decision, but to share in case someone looks up this thread.

I use Insure My Trip when we cruise and in 2018 when we were flying home (a friend and I) our flight was cancelled at the layover spot. We needed a hotel. I put a claim in for the hotel night and it was paid to me without any hassle at all. Took just days for my claim. I’d used them before and I will use them again. :+1: