Adding HS into the itinerary

So we took our 6 year old daughter to see Moana this weekend. We all loved it and she promptly asked if she could meet Moana at WDW. This was the first character she’s actually asked for by name, but guys, I wasn’t planning on visiting HS AT ALL! sobs for her perfectly planned itinerary We actually can fit it in either in an evening or a morning. I don’t think there is a ton for her to do there, but what did everyone else’s kids like? Also, would it be worth going to Fantasmic? I know I loved the Disneyland version in the mid-90s. And if we decide to do an evening with Fantasmic, should we do a dining package? Thanks!

Sorry about your perfectly planned itinerary! Darn kids!:wink:
When DD was six she totally did not like Fantasmic! She thought it was too long and a little scary. She did enjoy Toy Story, StarTours, the Beauty and the Beast show, the Little Mermaid show, and meeting the Disney jr. characters. We actually skipped HS for two years after that experience…it was fun, just not a must do for her. I bet there are six year olds who love HS…mine just thought it was ok…maybe a half day? Good luck replanning!

My 6-year-old boy, who was just about to turn 7, loved Fantasmic. It was his favorite nighttime thing, because sitting in the bleachers was less overwhelming than standing in crowds. He also loved the Muppets 3-D, Star Tours and Indiana Jones.

There are plenty of things to do for that age at HS. Muppets, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen Ever After, Star Tours, Little Mermaid, Disney Jr show, and TSM. Olaf, Buzz and Woody, Sorcerer Mickey, Disney Junior characters are also there to meet. My 4, almost 5 year old loved Fantasmic. HS is my kids favorite park. They do love Star Wars, but they enjoyed just about everything we did there.

Fantasmic is a great show. I’d really suggest going. I’d also suggest the dining package. The dining package allows you to show up to the theater 20 minutes before the show with a guaranteed seat in a preferred section. Depending on crowd levels, I’ve heard that you may have to wait a significant amt of time in line to get a seat, and it might be a crappy section. Weigh your options. I talked with quite a few ppl I work with with who said - “do the Fantasmic Dining pkg,” or “I wish we would have done the fantasmic dining pkg” It can be a real time saver. You gotta eat anyway. We did Mama Melrose, and we all found it to be way better than we thought it would be.

Thanks everyone! I think we will maybe focus on character meetings. We will likely do Moana, Sorcerer Mickey, Olaf and Chewbacca. My daughter isn’t really very familiar Disney Jr characters. If the lines are decent (we won’t be able to get Fastpasses since we will be park hopping), we will check out Star Tours, Toy Story Mania and Muppets 3D. I’m leaning towards skipping the shows since we will be having plenty of princess interactions and shows on our other park/cruise days etc. I’m leaning towards going in the morning at park open. Is that solid advice?

I think that sounds like a fun visit!

If you want to do TSMM without FPs, then going at RD is the only realistic way to avoid a long line. You could probably also get on ST with a pretty short line. The line for Muppets is usually prettty reasonable all day. I wouldn’t write off all of the shows; LM runs continuously, and the wait is rarely longer than waiting for the next show.

So this was my original itinerary:

Monday, 2/13 - RD Epcot - Future World and as much of World Showcase as we’re up for
Tuesday, 2/14 - MK in the morning: breakfast at CRT, poke around Main Street, maybe ride some no/low wait rides)/BREAK/Epcot in late afternoon & evening (finish up World Showcase, FEA, dinner at San Angel Inn)
Wednesday, 2/15: MK: BOG PPO reservations, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Adventureland, Parade/Relax at hotel for evening
Thursday, 2/16: - AM open/MK in evening - catch up on anything we missed, Tomorrowland, Wishes
Friday, 2/17: Animal Kingdom

So now that I’ve had time to reflect on it, it would be pretty easy to fit in HS Thursday AM. We would just need to be back to MK by 5:30pm for our dinner reservations. And my daughter won’t want to ride Space Mountain so maybe getting FP+ TSMM, etc would work well since I don’t think there is as much priority in Tomorrowland for Fastpasses.

Does this seem reasonable?

A morning at HS and getting back to MK by 5:30 sounds totally doable.

To re-emphasize what others have said: that line for TSMM is long, so getting the FP or being there at Rope Drop seems the only way.

Also, I would think twice about skipping the shows. My girls, 2, 6 and 8 LOVED the shows at HS, mainly because they loved those princesses. The Frozen singalong, Beauty and the Beast and even Voyage of the Little Mermaid all ranked at the top of their list at that park.

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That’s also good info to know! I think I refigured it so we can do HS fastpasses and have time to see some of the shows. I’m sending Hubby off to do Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster while we do some of the shows and meet and greets. :slight_smile:

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Yeah - I made the mistake of trying to get my DDs (at the time 6 and 8) to go on Tower of Terror with me. We made it all the way the up to the pre-show loading area. After the video - the lights go out and our elevator door opens. Both the girls looked up at me and said “NOPE! NO WAY are we getting on that.” We had to exit through the chicken door.

As a consolation to us for giving up FP’s to ToT, a cast member turned around and gave us a set of FP’s to Rock n’ Roller Coaster. I somehow convinced the girls to ride with me… and they had no idea what they were walking into.

That’s me on the second row with DD6 (look at her face!) while DD8 was in the very front sitting with a stranger. Lord bless those children. They haven’t been on a roller coaster since.

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That is cracking me up! That seems like something I would do. When we went to Disneyland when my daughter was 3, I was like, “let’s go on Haunted Mansion! It’s fun! It’s cute! She’ll love it!” Hahaha, nope! It was way creepier than I remember. Afterwards she goes “I do NOT like those guys!”.

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