Adding Honeymoon designation to reservation

I ordered my package online and there wasn´t a way to tell them that this trip is my honeymoon trip. How can I add this designation to my trip?

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You can call in and they will add it.

You may find this aricle of interest:

When you call the CMs will definitely add it in (the one I spoke to yesterday noted that “well it looks like everyone except Brennyn is celebrating something special… we can’t leave her out. Let’s think of something she can celebrate!” When we were talking about what she does for fun, and I mentioned that she just decided to skip dance this year in favor of horseback lessons he said "Great! She’s celebrating the personal achievement of learning to ride a horse!) but also definitely do a room request fax through your dashboard here, and mention it in the notes.

I was celebrating my college graduation in May and the towel Mickey on the bed had a little graduation cap on!

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