Adding Galaxy's Edge to Touring Plan?

Hi. I’m new at this. How can I add Galaxy’s Edge to my touring plan for Hollywood Studios? I see that I can add the individual attractions within Galaxy’s Edge, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to allocate time to simply exploring Galaxy’s Edge. In creating touring plans for Epcot, it seems you can add the individual countries within World Showcase to the touring plan. The same is true of Valley of Mo’ara in Pandora at Animal Kingdom. I haven’t been able to find something similar for Galaxy’s Edge. Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts?

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For things like this I often just tell the plan to insert a break and I add a note that we plan to spend that time in Galaxy’s Edge.



I add a break into my plan and fix the time of the break around the time of the individual rides.


Welcome!!! As others have said, insert a break and just indicate SWGE in the notes if you want to. Or you can just input a nearby food spot (Oga’s or something) and designate your dining time to be the desired time of your exploring.