Adding fpp to tp

Every time I try to add fp for space mountain for 6:00 and them optimize, it leaves an empty gap from about 3:30-6:00. Does anyone know why??

The optimize function is designed to rearrange things so you spend the least amount of time waiting in line. If you don’t have enough attractions to fill up a day, you could have gaps where there are no rides. You can leave it as is and just keep that gap as free time to do whatever you want or you can add more rides.

^^I second what @Armadillo_Alert said. Also, you can get around that function by shortening the hours of your day in the plan, but you’ll have more waiting in line because lines are much longer in the afternoon. If you’re wanting to have a plan for those hours around your 6 pm FP you can either add more attractions to your whole day or make a separate plan for the evening hours that’s filled with high-capacity things like TTA people mover or PhilharMagic.

The previous answers are correct. The Optimizer will try to minimize your wait in line. If you say you’re going to be in a park until it closes, then it frequently will put free time in the middle of the day (when lines are longest), than at the end of the day (when many people expect it to be).

Lines are longer mid-day than evening, so it makes sense from that perspective.

Also, it helps immensely to post a URL to your touring plan, so we can check whether anything else is going on.

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Thank you! You guys are great! :slight_smile: