Adding Days to Park ticket

So I currently have 6 day park tickets and want to add a 7th day for my arrival day ( a day i initially was not planning on going to a park). If I just go ahead and use my ticket on arrival day (for the sake of saving time) and add the extra day later. Will it affect the Fastpasses that I have booked on my last day?

It should not. I did this last April and it was no issue. Go to guest services as soon as possible on day 1.

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ok thanks so much!!

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I am doing same thing tomorrow.

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I may want to do this in May 2019. In my case, the original ticket is a 5-day MYW hopper purchased from Boardwalk Ticketing prior to the introduction of date-specific pricing. Will this change things with respect to dropping FPs?

I want to book my FPs for May 25 - May 29, but start using my ticket on May 22 (so adding 3 days). I absolutely do not want to lose any of my FPs on the end of the ticket. My significant other does not arrive until May 25th and I want the advance FPs for the dates that we will be in the park together.

If I enter the park prior to upgrading the ticket, do I get credited for the current advance purchase price of a 5-day hopper date-specific hopper ($536.97) or the direct from Disney advance price on the date I purchased my ticket (which I think was $479)?

I presume that if I add days at Guest Services prior to activating the ticket there would be no risk of FP loss. However, in this case, there is no way that I would be credited the current purchase price of the ticket. I would either get credit for what I paid ($454.75) or the direct from Disney advance ticket price (which I think was $479).