Adding breaks and dinner

I Can not add a dinner reservation to my touring plan and can not add multiple breaks,

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You should be able to.

I add breaks every couple of hours to mine.

Where are you trying t make your plans, app or website? I always us the website.

There are a lot of reports on chat this morning regarding the iPhone app and plans not working.

Make sure you hit the SAVE button after adding meals and breaks. It’s further down on the plan. I often miss it.

It will not let me record how long I will be there.

On my ipad on the ap

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I only use the website to make plans. It’s much easier. I use the app on the day of to optimize in real time.

This is one…I reported this issue in another thread to the team…but if you are adding a meal, etc., then you have to be careful not to use the Save Plan button…because it won’t save the data you entered. There is a SEPARATE (but hidden!) Save button that you have to scroll down for. That saves the STEP you are adding. You should only hit “Save Plan” after you having added your step(s).

I had suggested to the team that they make it so that if you hit the “Save plan” button without having saved the step, it either warns you or prompts you to save the step…OR that it simply grays out the Save Plan step if you are in the the middle of adding a step so as to prevent this issue.

So far, though, it still remains an issue.

I’m not sure that’s the issue @KathyV is experiencing. I don’t have iOS, so I can only report what I see on the Android (or desktop) versions.