Adding Boardwalk Inn to my plans!

Originally had a full Poly trip. Decide to do a split stay Boardwalk and Polynesian. I’ve stayed at the Boardwalk on a family trip, otherwise no memory. I booked a garden view room. The water view was 150 More a night. How is the garden view rooms?


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Some will be better than others…

Use the Touring Plans room finder to see some of the room views.

Thanks! Any area you would stay away from? I’m guessing pretty quiet there?

I stayed on the villas side, so I can’t speak to the Inn side, I’m afraid.

Having said that, not overlooking a pool or the Boardwalk itself would be quieter.


Thanks for the tip!

I would consider requesting a room that is not on the very end of the building as there is no exit there and you have to walk almost all the way to the lobby, it’s a surprisingly long hallway.

These rooms overlook the garden which is quiet.

There are garden view rooms on all 5 floors I think, incl ground level.

Do indeed check the room finder linked above

This is great! So the lobby is where you circled? Sorry I have no reference where anything is. Thank you! Is it a traditional lobby on the first floor?

Also does the Boardwalk have balconies?


The circle is just to indicate a rough area of garden view rooms near elevators. I’m pretty sure the black squares are elevators that go near exits and lobby.

Check there resort map for further reference: Disney's Boardwalk Resort Map -

The D marking is near an exit to the boardwalk side, if you are for example walking to Epcot.

Great! Thank you!!!