Adding Anytime FPP to Touring Plans

With the issues with MDE and HS, my husband and 4 year old now have fast passes to ride MF:SR anytime as well as an anytime fast pass to ride anything at HS except ROTR, SDD, and MMRR. Is there a way to put these into our touring plans to see when best to use the MF:SM and where to use the other anytime one?

If not, just create a TP, and use the extra FP for MFSR, and then use the other one for whatever attraction will be the longest wait time in your tp, then reoptimize after you tap in for it, OR just enjoy the time you get back some other way. You might be able to add an extra attraction in if you’d like after you tap in to that anytime fp.

You can put the same ride in your FPP selections multiple times but not during an overlapping one hour window.

To clarify - TP won’t allow you to put in a MF:SR FPP selection at 1pm and then another at 1:30pm. You’ll have to put on in at 1pm and the next at 2pm. Even though DHS will let you overlap with an “anytime” FPP TP isn’t programmed to do so.