Adding an extra like Wild Africa Trek to a touring plan?

I am new to the site so I might be missing something obvious–is there a way to add special tours and other extras that we already have booked to the touring plan generator? Not seeing it if so. Thanks all.


You could add a break at the time of the tour and set the duration for the expected duration of the tour

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Add it in as a break. Just keep in mind when you add a break the default walk time from the place before and to the place after is 1 minute. You may want to pad in some time for walking and arriving a few minutes early to check ins.

Another thing I’ve noticed is any meal or break you schedule has a minimum of 10 minutes leeway so the TP can schedule something you want at noon for 11:50-12:10. So I always say I want the thing a minimum of 10 minutes early and then it’ll get me there 20 minutes early to on time. I make up for this by increasing the time of the break. So if it’s a 3 hour tour I’d say 120 minutes to make sure that even if TP gets me there early it’s not gonna schedule the next thing till 3:10pm at the earliest. If you get bonus time on the day of; much better than trying to squeeze in as much as possible into your touring plan only to have to skip something.

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