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Hi Liner experts, I could use your help! My trip is coming up in about 3 weeks (18 days, but who’s counting? ;-)). I have a package Aug 21-27 with room, dining, and 5 day park hoppers for 4 people. We arrive Aug 21 and have FPP+ made for Aug 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26. I am trying to figure out a time to see Fantasmic! Arrival day we are at DS for 5 PM dinner and I think the timing would work out well to drop by DHS just for F! The cost difference of going from 5 to 6 day tix ($10/ticket) is probably worth it to me for F! But I am concerned about how we would add a day to our tickets at the beginning of our trip (if we even could) without messing up the 5 days of FPP we already have booked. Is there a way to do this and still keep my plans? Thanks so much!

Did you buy your tickets direct from Disney? You can do two things if you did: call now and see if you can add the day under 30 days may not work. Or- maybe best things- add the day at DS GS before your dinner.

Direct from Disney, but under 30 days and paid off. Figured GS but had not thought of there being one at DS. Oh my gosh, you rock! Thanks for getting back to me!


From what I understand you can extend your ticket at any time before your last day. In fact, they were advertising it in almost those exact words last summer.

Yes, but if they enter with that ticket before they add the day then it will cancel their last day’s fast pass since they will not have a valid ticket for day 6 if they do not upgrade before entry.

Yeah, OP would definitely want to add that day before entering a park at all. I think it can be done at the hotel ticket desk, though.

That may work too! Can you add days there?

I know the one year we did a Water Park we added it at the hotel front desk mid-trip. I’d presume an extra day in the parks could be added the same way at the hotel.

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I’m not sure, but it would be where I’d start since that’s the first likely place I’d come to when I arrived.

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If you know - like know for a fact this is what you’re going to do - then why not just go ahead and call Disney and add a day to your tickets?

I have done that in the past.

Thanks, guys! I will either try Disney, or the hotel or DS GS, depending on how much I want to commit to the plan ahead of time. Something told me that I might mess everything up if I entered the park before my five days of plans if I only had a five day ticket - and something told me you guys would know the answer. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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I just want to add that we’ve been able to add days at check-in at the resort twice, at CBR and POR, without any issues!


Thanks! I realized I was not only protecting my fast passes, but my all-important pre-RD Akershus breakfast on that last day! Do not want to miss a chance to eat very fast and (hopefully) ride Frozen SB! Not 100% sure that ADRs would have been dropped, but that was a concern, too!

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ADRs are not connected to tickets or room reservations! They won’t get cancelled unless you cancel them or don’t show!

Thanks @melcort10, and @PrincipalTinker, @FKHamer, @Nikkipoooo, and @Damavs, too!

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