Adding a park day to our tickets?

Hey folks…I am traveling down to WDW a day earlier than my other members of my travel party and will spend my first night at the Holiday Inn Express near Disney Springs before moving over to POR when my family arrives. We have 5-day park tickets that are linked to our POR reservation. My question is…how can I add another day to my ticket so I can get the lower price without also paying for everyone else to have a 6-day ticket? Do I just need to wait until I arrive and go to guest services? What are the chances all the parks will be booked on Saturday, December 17?

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Have you looked in your MDE account at your ticket? Is there a modify option there? (I don’t know if it will be there with a package).

If not, you might try guest services at Disney Springs?


You could also try to go ahead and call the WDW ticketing number - Existing tickets- (407) 566-4985

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