Adding a half day

We’re heading to Disney May 10-15. So soon! I thought I had our itinerary done. Then I started thinking about EMM at MK. Then I thought about adding a 1/2 day on our day off. Yikes. Now everything is uncertain (no not really). But advice is appreciated. We have a day off May 12 (Sunday). But with a short trip, perhaps it’s better to go to MK for part of that day? Cost for adding EMM to our MK day and cost of adding another day tickets are essentially the same.

Day 1 late arrival
Day 2 Epcot
Day 3 off
Day 4 AK
Day 5 MK

For such a short trip I’m having doubts about a full day off.


Your trip is coming up! Who is in your party?

For me I would think of doing another park day and maybe ending earlier. We had a 5 and 2 year old. So going all day wasn’t an option.

Who is traveling?

What time is late arrival and what time are you starting at Epcot the next day?

Trip is with my husband and DD6 (who’s a trouper). We land 7pm Friday and are staying at AKL. Plan is to RD all park days and stay till fireworks for Epcot and MK. We won’t stay late for AK. If we added that extra MK day on Sunday we would NOT drop rope or stay late. So it would be likely 9-4 type day depending on dinner plans.

OK so not terribly late, you could all be in bed by 10pm (get your own bags at MCO!!! Do NOT use the luggage tags in this case)

Are you doing a mid-day break on Epcot day? Or AK day?

Yes! That was amazing advice on this forum. I do not want to wait till midnight to brush my teeth!

No off site breaks. I have big breaks in our touring plans for after lunch that I’m hoping will be sufficient. So Epcot has mellow WS touring. MK is Tom Sawyer island plus parade. AK has Boneyard. Essentially from 12-3:30 is keeping things mellow.

This does seem more flexible than EMM.

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OK. Given the plans you already have, I would maybe consider a short park day with a late start. I’m not talking 9 am. I’m talking roll out of bed late, bring breakfast from Mara back to your room and sit on your balcony with your coffee, enjoy AKL for the morning - maybe a swim or some time observing the savanna and/or cultural activities for your son – and head to the park around or after lunch. I would stay til dinner-ish and then spend the evening back at AKL.

You’re staying at an AMAZING resort. You’ll want to take some time to be there and take it in!!!


Thanks! I think that’s great advice. I feel like this is last minute planning jitters hitting me.

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Yes—- this short park but enjoy your amazing resort too. It’s on our list!

Short park day will guve you a chance to hit anything you missed especially at that age.

That’s what I was thinking. We have all our fast passes set for MK on that Tuesday and our TP is for all the high priority rides. But I feel bad saying no to dumbo etc because there’s too much other better stuff to do. :laughing:

Something like 12-5 with a focus on stuff DD6 would like and then dinner and swim back at AKL?

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That sounds like a perfect half day plan.

You better get started though! You’re within 30 days!!


Thanks all.

This! Relaxing morning + easy afternoon MK touring sounds like the perfect day to me.

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I am sorry but I am going to jump in here. You are staying at the most amazing resort! Have you looked at the resort activities?

I do not think you are planning enough time at the resort. Does your 6 year old like to swim?

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I do think we’ll manage to get good swim time in for her here and there. My husband and I will get bored with being at the pool all day though. We actually have a family Aruba trip in August so that should hopefully make up for any resort time missed.

We talked to her this morning about adding in another part day at MK after I posted here. She has now decided she wants to meet ALL the characters there. So our 1/2 day may have that theme. Oops.

Thanks for the link for the activities. That’s great to have.

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That will be great—. Sounds like an awesome trip!

My DD wasn’t sure at first with meeting but then once the autographs started happening it was a mission to fill the book! Enjoy such a great age to go!

Be prepared for activity centers when you walk through the lobby.

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We added the EMM to our day. We are going May 7-12 (so similar time frame). We are leaving the 12th, flying out at 6pm. This was a way to get some extra Park time. Not to mention a great way to spend mother’s day! In your case, I agree with the others, spend some quality time at your resort. You paid all that money to stay there, enjoy it! We are at Pop and while I am sure it will be lovely, I don’t feel compelled to “enjoy it” as I would at your resort. Have a wonderful trip! It is coming up fast!