Adding a Guest to a Hotel Reservation

Those who read my other thread may know that I spontaneously added a guest to my upcoming trip. I will be staying at HRH for 3 nights and I called the general reservations number to add the guest to my room. We have capacity in one of the rooms, so no problem there.

However, the team member was unable to add the guest without re-booking my hotel at the existing rate, which is significantly higher than my AP rate (which is no longer available). He said he thought I might be able to add the guest once I get there, but he didn’t know. Will I be able to add a guest to my reservation upon check-in without re-booking at the higher rate?

Secondary question - when you use early entry and EP, do you scan your room card or do you just display it to the TM? Can we give DBIL my DD2’s key card (assuming she gets one)? She will not need it or require it. I’m trying to think of workarounds if I am unable to officially add him to my reservation without incurring several hundred dollars of additional expense.


For early entry in the past they just glance at your hotel key card so no worries for that but for EP they take your picture so I think that may be an issue.

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In that case if we gave him DD2’s key card and only he used it the entire time, would that work?

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Might depend on how you get that photo taken. Many moons ago you did it at a machine in the lobby of the hotel in which case whomever’s face you put in front of the machine. But I don’t know how they do it anymore since I bought the paid for single day one last trip and they don’t do photos for that one. If I was gonna be there at the same time as you I’d let you know but our trips are parallel

Yes, you can add people to your room at the hotel desk. I did this a few years back with my friends’ kids so that their kids could have express with mine. They were minors though, so we had 5 on the room reservation, 4 minors and me so no extra charges. Are you adding the extra adult to a room where there are already 2 adults?


My existing room that DBIL will be in has 1 adult and 2 kids, so I shouldn’t have to pay the $40 fee for extra adults.

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You display it for early entry, they do check the dates on it to make sure it is valid. For express, you just use your room key now, there is no separate card. They will scan it at each ride, first ride they will take a picture and compare the picture on each additional ride.


You should be able to add him without any fees. Did you try to add him yourself online? I changed dates the other day on my existing reservation at Portofino, there is an edit button so I bet you can add him yourself with the confirmation number.

I think that only works for hotel only. For packages I’ve always had to call.

Gotcha. We never book packages there, either have APs or buy form Undercover Tourist.

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I tried to edit online but it said my rate was no longer available. It was kind of buggy though so I may try again just to see. (ETA: It is a room-only reservation. Tickets were purchased separately.)

In any case, I’m feeling more relieved now that you say you’ve had success in the past!

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Remember you might pay extra for extra adults in the room.

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Instead of adding him, could you replace DD2 with him on the reservation? Might be easier for them to add or overlook a kid not on the reservation than the adult?

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Maybe I’ll try that! I’m not sure if it will work though or if I have DD2 on the right room. Could get messy.

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Try calling the general number and have a TM assign the guest to existing reservation - I just did it today and the TM was able to add the guest without rebooking.

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Update: I was able to add the names of all 8 members of my party when I did online upon Checkin on receiving an email from HRH. It let me put in any names I wanted up to room capacity. I didn’t even have to include myself (but I did of course). Just in case someone is purchasing a room on behalf of someone.